Makes gases visible

Gas Optics delivers a instant, remote-surveillance solution with pin-point leakage accurancy.

The Challenge

Traditional gas detection systems do not disclose all gas leakages, and are not suitable to localize source or measure density. Localizing and shut down of system is risky for personnel and costly as gas leaks out in the atmosphere every minute.

The Solution

Live instant 24/7 visual remote surveillance of a desired area with GVS® (Gas Vision System) developed by Gas Optics. Any leakage is pin-pointed, with immediate system shutdowns possible. Gas correlation is shown to be the best and most sensitive technology for gas visualization.

The GVS® Technology

The system is based on infrared cameras that immediately detect an invisible gas-leakage and present, in real time, the flow and concentration of the gas as a coloured plume on computer screens. Relevant thermographic video clips can be recorded and saved for later evaluation.

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Our certified and experienced team perform a wide range of services for Gas Leak Detection.

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) - the new standard for manual inspections

From October 2018 European and Norwegian authorities require operators to do periodical surveys using OGI.

OGI benefits operators in several ways

Less complex and time consuming, provides information on leak source and does not overestimate the leak rate.

Gas Optics is a total service provider with market leading technology for gas leak detection

Asset Integrity, Energy Savings and Process Efficiency, Emission Reduction and Regulatory Reporting.

Industries we serve

Refineries, Chemical- and Petrochemical Plants, Gas Plants and -Terminals, Offhore Platforms, FPSOs, Pipeline Transportation and Distribution

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